Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy


ELVO S.A. manufactures a full range of vehicles for private, public and military use.

The company’s management, implementing all relevant regulations and being sensitive in environmental issues, adopts all necessary measures to ensure its protection.


-         There is controlled liquid and solid waste production, which are managed properly according to national legislation

-         There is constant assessment of the environmental impact for the operation of every productive unit (e.g. filters in dying- mills, active carbon in air separating jars etc) for the reduction of VOC.

-         There is a biological treatment unit for the process of liquid waste products.

-         There are frequent tests and measurements of all air pollutants

-         The total quantity of solid waste, hazardous or not, such as used accumulators, used oils, ferrous or non-ferrous metals, paper, wood, toners etc, are collected and delivered to licensed companies for further use or destruction. The waste management is performed in legal compliance with the European and Greek Legislation.

With the above mentioned practices and all relevant measures specified by legislation, in combination with constant update regarding environmental policies, the company substantially contributes to the protection of the environment.


Society – Market


ELVO, being a unique industry in Greece in its field, has a deep, open and versatile relation with the financial, social, cultural and scientific life of Northern Greece and the Greek society in general. Our goal is that this relationship keeps expanding in multiple ways.

ELVO employs one of the larger numbered workforce in Northern Greece. Besides that, ELVO supports thousands of workplaces, among its more than 500 subcontractors and 2.000 suppliers.

In it’s facilities in the Industrial Area of Sindos, ELVO accepts a large number of educational visits from students of all grades.

Apart from that, ELVO employs tens of students every year from the Employment Labor Office, as well as from Higher and Technological Educational Institutes for their traineeship. This way the company contributes its best to the connection between production and training, and also in the development of research and innovation, through specialized programs and actions that are designed and run in collaboration with various Higher or Technological Education Institutes of our country.

Besides it’s contribution to the economic growth of the domestic market, ELVO has offered numerous donations and charities to schools, universities, municipalities, organizations, churches, convents, foundations, hospitals and unions, not only in Greece, but also abroad, and these actions are scheduled to expand further.