Factory and head office:
Sindos Industrial Area of
Thessaloniki, P.O.Box 1350, Greece

Upon the conclusion of its first 50 years of operations, ELVO reignites its potentials, reinvigorated by new ownership, expanded capabilities and international mentality. The new logo signifies this transition forward. Preserving the original form, it retains ΕΛΛΑΣ at its core, using the blue coloring that characterizes both Greece and Israel, in a shape that communicates the fact that future progress is driven by cooperation and technology.

About ELVO

What’s in a name? The ability to evolve. This has been ELVO’s key characteristic throughout its course.

The historical partner of the Greek Army and state authorities for almost 50 years, ELVO has a proven track record of assembling and manufacturing capabilities of both military, civilian – special use vehicles. Furthermore, it has been amongst the few Greek companies investing in R&D, delivering and producing original designs.


The new ELVO 2020 S.A. evolves even more; reinvigorated this time by the equal investment of two of the most prominent companies in the defense and special use vehicles industry: Plasan and SK Group.


Plasan with headquarters in Israel and subsidiaries in the US and Europe is a leading, recognized innovator and provider of customized armor solutions worldwide.


The SK Group is a privately held technology and innovation holding company specializing in global frontline defense, para-military solutions, ship building and marine infrastructures, and property development.

Capabilities, areas of expertise

Existing facilities provide enormous capacity for production, R&D and testing of army and civilian special purpose vehicles.
Located in Sindos, Thessaloniki, ELVO 2020 S.A. spans in an area of a total of 273.000 sqm, ranking it amongst the largest of this type in Southern Europe, 66.000 sqm of which are covered production, testing, or storage facilities.
Whether wheeled or tracked, whichever the type of the special purpose vehicle in case, ELVO’s facilities can meet all of its needs throughout. From the complete construction to special customizations, upgrades, repairs, and testing.

Already and prior to its acquisition by the Plasan-SK Group consortium, the company’s infrastructure included:

Laser cutting
CNC boring and
milling centers
CNC vertical and
horizontal lathes
Metal hardening
Painting facilities
Armoured vehicles
and battle tanks
testing ground
EMC test center

Under the new management team, the whole of the facilities is under refurbishment, putting emphasis on the introduction of automations that optimize the assembly process, as well as on the investment in hi-tech solutions that diminish each task’s completion time and zero down the human error factor.

At the same time, through the introduction of ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) criteria, ELVO 2020 will invest into solutions that decrease its environmental footprint and build upon sustainability.

Reshaping the future

ELVO 2020 introduces a new mentality and an innovative approach on the industry of special military and civilian vehicles. Foreseeing the global industry’s tendencies and needs in the years to come, understanding the differentiating power of cutting-edge superiority when addressing the complex requirements of modern ground vehicles. Empowered by the coexistence and accumulated value of Plasan’s armored solutions and combat vehicles expertise, SK-Group’s advanced defense technology and R&D methods, ELVO’s aspires to ascertain itself as one of the key special purpose vehicles providers for the broader geographical region.

The future belongs to the ones that can shape it, starting today.

ELVO 2020 invests into break-through technologies and highly skilled personnel to take its already accredited expertise further. Guaranteeing technical superiority and production quality that set a global standard for efficiency and protection.

The new, reinvigorated, company re-establishes itself as a key technology provider in the industry, transfusing its military know-how and advancements into civilian solutions for broader use. In this perspective the company’s course of action is framed by three main pillars:

Introducing new standards that
optimize horizontal and vertical
production procedures in the areas of
special purpose vehicles construction,
upgrade, assembly and repair.
Adhering new product development
touchstones that can envision the
broader spectrum of applications for
high tech military solutions.
Visualizing, developing,
and exporting proprietary


Forward. The value that transcends the company’s operations in regard to the mobility and protection solutions produced.

Fueled by the addition of the two prominent Israeli companies’ capabilities and expertise, ELVO 2020 reshuffles the procedures and processes that minimize the duration and maximize the efficiency of the operations.

Introducing vertical systems of production in the areas of:

Hard /soft kill systems & vehicle protection
Systems and sensors
Vehicle components
Weapon systems
Modular systems

The technological advances in armoured vehicles signify the fact that they will remain an essential part of the modern militaries inventories for the decades to come. At the same time the overall shifts taking place in military technology increase the pressure towards new strategies and technologies being adopted to enhance crew and vehicle survivability. ELVO 2020 is set in way that enables it to address all layers of survivability spectrum, producing integrated solutions that take the whole of the special purpose vehicles’ industry advancements further.

ELVO 2020 S.A. is committed to the quality of its products and services. For this reason, the Company has established the following:

  • Quality Management System that is in conformance with the requirements of the ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 international standard.
  • An Environmental Management System that is in conformance with the requirements of the EN ISO 14001:2015 international standard.

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