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Announcement of a new contract signed

Long Before the completion of the first year of the company’s transfer to the new ownership, the factory is put into actual operation

ELVO- The Hellenic Vehicle Industries (ELVO 2020 S.A) announces the implementation of a large-scale project following its agreement with the ELTRAK Group.

“This cooperation is the fruition of the organized efforts we have been making for several months now to reorganize, remodel, and develop the facilities we have acquired. Our vision for ELVO is to reactivate its unique infrastructural and operational capabilities as a pioneering industry that can play an active role as a specialized subcontractor of special type of vehicles. We hope that this contract with ELTRAK will be the beginning of a long-term strategic cooperation”, noted the General Manager of the company, Mr. Dimitrios Angelopoulos.

” In only ten months since the acquisition, we have succeeded in upgrading our facilities so that we can deliver projects of high standards and requirements. We have made a lot of investments in machinery, infrastructure and recruiting new employees, also cooperating with local contractors from Thessaloniki area. In a firm, organized and consistent manner, ELVO will regain the role it once had as the leading Greek vehicle industry, and will reinforce its impact within and beyond the borders of the country,” stated the Chairwoman of the Board, Ms. Orly Katsav.

“ELTRAK Group and I personally are firmly of the belief that the unrivaled quality of Caterpillar vehicles combined with the ELVO Know How will be a decisive success factor both in the specific project as well as in future cooperations,” stated the CEO of ELTRAK Group, Mrs. Natasha Covas-Kneis.