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Installation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

As part of the company’s modernization ELVO 2020 S.A procures and installs a new ERP system.

ELVO 2020 S.A has selected for this project Epsilon SingularLogic, member of Epsilon Net Group, one of the most specialized Greek companies for business software solutions, and its innovative ERP solution, PYLON.

The purpose of this investment is the improvement of the company’s operations through the establishment of automated procedures, services and resources.

«Following the re-activation of the factory we move to the next step of our business plan, the development of our digital infrastructure that will support the high quality of our projects and operations. In this context we have selected a leading Greek software provider in this field, Epsilon SingularLogic, that has a clear understanding of the future role that ELVO 2020 S.A intends to play in the Greek business ecosystem», noted the General Manager of the company, Mr. Dimitrios Angelopoulos.