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Mr. Dimitrios Angelopoulos takes over as General Manager

With a new image and having completed the first stage of the refurnishing work, the company reignites its activities

The procedures for filling the administrative positions of the new company are advancing with Mr. Dimitrios Angelopoulos taking over the position of General Manager. This development completes the first stage of reorganization and reform of the Greek Vehicle Industry, which began on February the 12th, 2021, with its final transfer to the SK Group & Plasan consortium following the relevant public bidding.

During his more than 20-year career in the Hellenic Navy, Mr. Angelopoulos served in the Hellenic Submarine Command in positions of responsibility. Following his resignation, he took over management positions in the private sector, initially at the Hellenic Shipyards SA. and later on at the German Group Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. D. Angelopoulos holds an Executive MBA and is certified Project Manager by the International Project Management Association.

“We are all familiar with the condition that ELVO was when acquired by our consortium. Since then, we have worked towards its reinforcement and upgrading. The inclusion of Mr. Angelopoulos as the General Manager takes ELVO one step further, to become again a leading international vehicle company” says the Chairwoman of ELVO and Deputy Chairwoman of SK Group, Ms. Orly Katsav.

“The goal of the new General Manager is to build a new company team that will take ELBO to new horizons of success. Mr. Angelopoulos has been a selection that coincides the military experience with the private sector environment and the business mentality. We aspire for his addition to provide a fresh standpoint that will be useful to our established successful history of cooperation with ELVO and with the increased technological capabilities and unique experience that we provide, I am sure that he will assist in the renewed ELVO’s successful course.” says Dani Ziv, CEO of Plasan.

As a culmination of the company’s transition to a new period of development, the new logo highlights the Greek element at its core, in a common color code of Greece and Israel and in a form that communicates the fact that future progress is based on cooperation and high technology.