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Participation in DEFEA 2021 with two vehicles

A first look of the company’s capabilities and philosophy for the international audience of the Exhibition

The participants of the international exhibition DEFEA will have the opportunity to see up close and get to know the potentials of StormRider and Hyrax, armored personnel vehicles produced by Plasan.

The lightly armored, agile, 4X4, Hyrax, weighing 4.8 tons, introduces a new concept for small personnel transport vehicles. It carries up to 8 people, while it responds to surfaces with a slope of up to 80% and a slide slope of up to 54%. Its military version can be used electronically, from the cabin, to control its weapons, whether it is the Mini Samson or Light RCWS EB5. Hyrax is based on the well-known Mercedes G – Wagon chassis.

At the Exhibition, the Hyrax is presented together with the all-terrain electric combat trailer, ATeMM (All-Terrain electric Mission Module) 200 HP, which covers the energy needs in action conditions, being self-charging on the go. Connected to the vehicle, the ATeMM converts 4×4 to 6×6, maintaining the same flexibility and driving characteristics.

The new StormRider with solid armored monocoque, comes to frame/reinforce and evolve the family of Plasan’s SandCat Family of Vehicles, providing greater protection from mines, while its armor provides 6 firing ports, so that the crew remains combat-ready. and on the go. The configuration of the cab is such that at least 10 people in addition to the driver can be comfortably transported.