ISO 9001:2015

«ELVO – HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY (2020) S.A.» with the distinctive title «ELVO» is active in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of all types of vehicles for private, public, civil and military use  and operates in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

The company has implemented and maintains a documented Quality Management System (QMS), in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, for the provision of painting services for all types of private, public,  civil and military vehicles.

“ELVO” –Top Management and employees- is committed to make every effort to meet the growing demands of its customers, offering them products and services that fully meet their requirements. In addition, the Top Management of the company is committed:

  • To offer vehicle painting services using up to date equipment and choosing suitable painting materials per vehicle type, ensuring high painting quality and durability according to costumer’s requirements.
  • To store and protect the vehicles of its customers for as long as they remain in the company’s facilities and until the completion of their painting.
  • To comply with the legal and other requirements concerning its activities.
  • To take care of the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • To monitor and, where is necessary, to correct its performance, through the establishment and systematic monitoring of measurable objectives / indicators.
  • To identify and evaluate the risks that may have an impact on the fulfillment of the requirements of its customers, as well as the opportunities to be addressed in order to improve the business operation.
  • To identify the needs and expectations of interested parties and to ensure their satisfaction.
  • To provide employees with the required continuous training in the applied Quality Management System and in the knowledge areas of its activities, so that the combination of skills and knowledge ensures the provision of integrated, specialized products and services.
  • To ensure the appropriate work environment for the operation of its employees, promoting teamwork and at the same time cultivating a sense of high responsibility.

The constant pursuit of the company is acquiring and retaining satisfied customers and the increase of the market share, while always considering, and taking care of the protection of the employees and the environment.